Three years, just passed by in a glimpse.  I still remember how it all started.  The same seat, that I found myself sitting on today, the same classroom, the same professor;  just a different day and a different speech. The line that I remember him saying the first day still resonates at the back of my head, “You all are not school kids anymore…” This time, however, I catch on to something rather more etching, “Life starts from here…” 

I see the smiles on everyone’s face, which I thought to be ironical; everyone was sad. I too feel like a hypocrite, conveying my experience as though that day, the speech, meant something to me. But to be honest, I found the whole scenario to be phony, the students behaving in ways as if they would even remember any word of the speech, nodding their heads like puppets to every statement of the professor.  I hear someone behind me saying as to how he was overjoyed at the thought of leaving and was sad at the same time.  Being the sceptic I was,  I wondered how one could feel so many emotions at the same time whereas all I felt was baffled; baffled at the thought of how time turns so fast, seemed like it was just yesterday I took admissions. 

Finally, the speech ended.  The phony smiles on everyone’s faces made me cringe, for they did not in any way mean the expressions they portrayed. “Do remember us!” “Drop by sometime!” I heard the teachers say, to which again, I thought how many of the lot would actually remember them ten years down the line and how many would actually drop by. Everyone said they would. I thought to myself, how many of them actually meant it.  Intuition told me,  “None…”.  None would, being all engrossed in their humdrum affairs of life. None would remember this day, none would think about the first day or the last of college, people will have forgotten how it was like to sit on the respective seats during the speech, they will have forgotten who sat next to them and the conversations they had, teachers will have forgotten our names or the grades we had but life will still go on as it always does.  

I believe things end,  music stops, coffee cools down, lovers become strangers, people forget, cigarettes burn out but life? It goes on. Life goes on… 


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