The book shut close, as though the entire life of a person had come to an end. The cup of coffee untouched as though betrayed. She left.  I glared as she moved from the café towards the subway. My eyes were stuck. My senses revived as I lost her amidst the busy crowd of people or rather programmed robots who happened to be in a pursuit with time. She seemed unusual though, with that carefree nature, not bothered about how the world moved. She intrigued me, as she moved slowly through the hustle bustle of the city.   

Those few months, after my encounter with her, were more of a mental torture. I was restless. My mental peace was lost. I was in a trance. Everything seemed mind boggling.

 People say time heals everything. I thought so as well.  With time she left my mind. I felt, more to say, secure. Anxiousness just happened to have bid goodbye and a long lost acquaintance had just been found, the one you call sleep. But this friend of mine was not for long to stay. You know what they say, “The sun only sets, it never dies.” She happened again. But this time in a way someone could never imagine would happen.


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