All I heard was your chuckle as I sat there dumbfounded looking at you, making myself look stupid with all the human noise I sat there making. 

The wind blew away the smoke that found its way out of the the burning tobacco from the cigarette that was left dangling at your fingers.  I didn’t realise myself staring at those hurt brown eyes that looked back at me; without a blink. In those fraction of seconds, I noticed more than could, more than I ever would; the mole that made itself look so prominent right below your left eye, which I reckon would even make Venus insecure and the way your hair caressed your right cheek only to leave me envious. I wondered;  fraction of seconds was all that I took? To see you? Understand you? I knew that moment was temporary.  But I still found myself in that moment, smiling at you, for that was all I could do; smile. 


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