​My day started with the sun penetrating through the window and ended in a glass of wine; the same usual routine every day. It began to get on my nerves to such an extent that a slight difference in the routine felt like an adventure to me. That night after I reached my room in the hotel, I sat there by the window, staring into blank space that lay in front of me. My room was situated on the 20th floor wherefrom the street below seemed like a long rope lit in a fancy way. My envy had taken toll of me, the envy I felt for the people living in New York. I began to think of permanently settling here and somehow I found yet another reason to be here and leaving behind my life in London. Felicia was the reason but I knew not why. Was I in love? Or was it just another infatuation? I began to question myself; to which I did not receive any answers. I was dumbstruck and curious. I could only think of her and every little detail in her appearance. Her aroma somehow still lingered in my thoughts. It intoxicated me, like the sweet smelling wine, the smell that fills the warm summer air. Her thought was like a breeze from the cool sea beyond, brushing against the burning beaches quenching the thirst of that single man standing isolated from the rest of the world in a lonely sandy bay. The image of her in my mind somehow quenched my thirst. That phase continued for a couple of days. Strange dreams kept creeping into my mind. She was there in my dream. A strange pain it was, to see her as I closed my eyes, but at the same time i was happy owing to her virtual existence.  I did not know what had happened to me then. Somehow I was lost. For the first time, I felt like I was alone. Even though everyone else was around, there was still someone left; someone important. Standing in the crowd, lost; my eyes still in search of her. I saw her in my dreams more than often. I was in love, in love with her. That realization was pleasant to my mind; it made me happy. As for my days, they passed in the same monotonous tone.


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