As I sat through the human buzz around me, I began to observe things, wondering how they really worked. Different behaviors crowding me. Some, sat in the adjacent seat of the café, where I was smoking and sipping from my cup. And some, passing by me as if instructed not to notice anything until destination was reached. There I was with a pen and paper trying to pen down my thoughts, but nothing seemed to work out. The hum of people beside me started deafening the silence, my silence. I was wonderstruck how each one of them happened to be so caught up with whatever they were doing; be it just staring out the window or may be even fiddling with a pen. It disturbed me to see how simple and easy “now” was to them.My mind was tranquilized by the irregular tapping of feet, buzz of everyday gossip, as my pen tried to make it’s way through the old worn out paper. All that was happening around me seemed to be a daily affair, which I failed to notice and neither give importance to, all these days. There was something about today, that everything became so alluring, as though each movement and sound around me wanted attention, rather craved for it.

And then conscience broke through my momentary shell of trance. It was actually her absence that annihilated the peace of my mind. 


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