I watched as the flames burnt brighter with every passing second. However, I wondered with confused complacence, how it would cease to exist in void. I wondered if the same would be my fate; would I cease to be, in your absence? 

The question ran through my mind, as my sight clung to that single flame tinting portions of the room in a sad and gloomy glow. 

“You ever feel like when you meet someone,they fill this hole inside of you,and then when they’re gone,you feel that space painfully vacant?” The colours of the flame filled that void in me. It only led me to feel a sense of fear not knowing whether the colours were here to stay. I did not want to be vacant. 

Leaving me intrigued, the flame burnt on. It only left me to see myself in it. The difference?  The flame was fueled by wax and I,  by you! 


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